Our commitment to action and responsibility in the face of climate change.
Thanks to the Horizon program, Gestair's commercialized fleet flights operate with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and offset their emissions to fly sustainably.
Fly sustainably

Action against climate change is a task that concerns us all. With the Horizon program, all flights marketed by Gestair are operated with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), reducing the environmental impact of their journeys. 

In addition, all our marketed flights are also neutral, as the emissions generated are offset through the purchase of carbon credits that will result in the development of emission reduction projects with environmental, social and economic benefits in the regions where they are carried out.

Now, flying with Gestair is not only easy and comfortable, but also sustainable.

Fly with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

All flight routes marketed by Gestair are operated with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), obtained from advanced biofuels plants and

synthetic fuels from organic wastes.

You will be able to adapt the percentage of SAF supply per flight to best suit your needs, with total flexibility on each of your trips or by adopting an annual continuity plan.

After your trip, upon request, you can receive a certificate indicating the period and consumption of SAF fuel used during your flights, which you can include in your Corporate Social Responsibility report.

This is a further step in our firm commitment to action and social responsibility, as well as being able to offer solutions that meet current market demand.

Emissions offset program

We measure flight by flight the carbon footprint, i.e. the CO2 emissions that have been emitted into the atmosphere based on the aircraft and the route flown. Once the exact carbon footprint is obtained, Gestair purchases the corresponding carbon credits to offset it.

One carbon credit is equivalent to 1 ton of CO2, i.e. 1 ton of CO2 that has not been emitted into the atmosphere thanks to the implementation of carbon offset projects. emissions reduction.

The companies that fly receive, upon request, an official certificate indicating the tons of CO2 offset.

For more information, please see the program dossier.

Being environmentally responsible has never been simpler
With Gestair you only need three steps to fly responsibly:


Choose Gestair for your air travel. We make flying easy for our customers.


Reduce emissions thanks to SAF fuel and make your trip sustainable and responsible.


In addition, Gestair automatically offsets emissions from the flights it markets on its fleet of aircraft.

After your flight, you will be able to officially request the sustainability certificate for your trip.
Commitment to excellence

At Gestair we want to show our commitment to the environment in a clear, transparent and effective way.

For this reason, we rely on the advice and validation of Vertis Environmental Finance and SCB Environmental Markets, companies that specialize in the following areas emissions trading and supporting companies in the transition to a low-CO2 economy.

In the same way, we collaborate with leading companies in the supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to guarantee you the best conditions for all your flights.



All projects are based on producing energy by means of clean technologies, waste management or reforestation programmes which are located in developing countries.

These projects are also associated with a very effective social component, as they are directly connected with the integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In particular, the projects will be carried out in line with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), focused on the following SDGs.

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