Gestair One

Gestair ONE

Are you a frequent flyer? Gestair ONE is the new card with which our customers can simply fly, with full access to all premium services.

Discover a new
concept of travelling

We have developed a product that is flexible to the needs of each customer: frequent destinations, number of passengers per flight, days of travel...

With Gestair ONE Jet Card you only pay in advance for the flight time and cabin type you have chosen. You will have the convenience of having previously chosen aircraft at your disposal with no last-minute outlays, optimising your costs.

A single price, with no surprises or changes. This is the option specially designed for our ONE Customers.

Endless possibilities

Tell us about your preferences and your most common destinations. Our team of professionals will analyse and study the proposal that best suits your needs. With Gestair ONE, no matter the destination, frequency or whether your flight is one-way or round-trip or both.

We have the perfect solution, a solution just for you. With our card you will have access to the largest and most versatile fleet of aircraft from short range to ultra-long range.


Enjoy all the advantages offered by Gestair ONE

and discover why it is the easiest way to fly.

Access the entire fleet on a preferential basis, regardless of the type of cabin. All this, with the guarantee that you will always receive priority treatment over conventional charter.ncional.

Enjoy fixed prices for all one-way and round-trip journeys for the duration of the contract. Plus, get on-time access to your ONE account. No surprises, pay exactly for what you enjoy.

You will have assigned a 24/7 Travel Advisor and a global coverage. On-line access to your ONE account with a private area on the web and app so that you have all the information you need at the time without final delays in the processing of payments as you enjoy a credit for flying.

Get preferential cancellation conditions with greater flexibility even less than 24 hours before your flight.

Receive an exclusive welcome on board, with Gestair ONE detail on every flight. Our exceptional ONE catering is carefully designed according to your tastes and preferences, adapted to the time of day you fly, and included within the price of your Gestair ONE Card.

When you fly with your Gestair ONE Jet Card, not only will you enjoy the best service, but you will also be being environmentally responsible thanks to Horizon, our carbon neutral programme.


Gestair ONE adapts to the needs of each client, offering them different possibilities

according to their travel pattern, type of aircraft, passengers per journey...


The perfect choice for passengers with domestic flights.


Up to 3.500 Km

Up to 6 pax


The versatility of these aircraft is the best choice for frequent European travellers.


Up to 5.500 Km

Up to 8 pax


If your preference is to travel in a cabin for up to 12 passengers, this has to be your choice.


Up to 7.500 Km

Up to 12 pax


The best option for our customers with transoceanic flight frequency.


Up to 12.000 Km

Up to 16 pax

No limits

Imagine everything you need for your perfect trip and do not worry. As a Gestair ONE client, we will help and advise you as much as possible. We can provide you with transfer services, accommodation, space reservations and even exclusive experiences for your leisure and business trips.

As simple as telling us your needs and the cost will be deducted directly from the balance of your card.

One step away from being ONE

If you would like more information about the Gestair ONE Card,
you can download the programme dossier.

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